Monday, May 31, 2010

Tutorial On Creating A Sizzix 3D Flower Look-A-Like

Hello There! Thanks for popping in... today I have a Gable box, decorated for a friend who celebrated her birthday. I have this cut as a SVG format, but for some reason, cannot locate it. I will work on another one, and have that Gable Box posted here shortly. I do have another treat for ya today tho'. Check it out... On this Gable Box, I used a Cricut cut for the sentiment "Happy Birthday", and then I used a flower from Accent Essential cart to create the Rose looking flower, that looks almost like the Sizzix 3D Flower (shown on left). Here's a little tutorial to show you how I did it:

First, I cut out two 4" flowers, which like I mentioned earlier, I got from Accent Essential cart. You could probably do this with any flower type cut of which it's petals are not deeply cut in. So try it!!

With these 2 flower cuts, I am going to use 2 different types of scissors, just to show you that you can use any type of scissors, and the results will still be the same - cute n' purdy!!

Ok, so here is the part where you cut into your flower. Start from a petal, and then cut in a swirl, going smaller, and smaller into the center of your flower. For the scallop scissors, I just cut in a circle, for the regular scissors, I cut in a circle, but I add some "waves" while cutting, so that I could somewhat replicate the petals.

At this step - it's time to assemble the flower and make it look into a 3D rose. So click here to view Assembly Instructions from Sizzix.

Here are the end results.... regular scissors on the left, scallop scissors on the right.

Now apply to my project....

Looks pretty close to the Sizzix one, and saved me some bucks on getting the cut. Plus, the flowers can be resized to whatever size I want. =0)

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial!! Have a Happy Day!!!

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  1. Love this little flower Jen! I'm making a bunch of flowers to put on a throw away brides boquet. And I've already got them all done. I wish I'd seen this first! Oh well, I'll save it for next time. TFS